162A4442.jpgMy name is Anthony Lee, I am 22 years old and am currently studying at the University of the Arts London, LCC. I am taking BA Sound Art & Design which will provide most of the content going into this blog after September 2014. All works before that were done whilst I was on my Art Foundation at Farnham UCA pre 2013 and a year at UAL Camberwell studying BA Fine Art Drawing pre 2014.

Music; I create and produce a lot of my own music and ideas and post them on my Soundcloud page (www.soundcloud.com/andonlylee). I have done several collaborative projects with friends varying in style from soundtracks to editing.

Photography; I am fascinated by lighting, symmetry and architecture and the combination of all three.

Graphic Design; skills I have taken from my photography and art courses have helped me push my design skills further and enabled met work alongside performers and other artists to create a variety of media.

Feel free to contact me at: Anthonyjl@hotmail.co.uk.

For purchases of any of my works either contact me through the details above or visit:  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LEENINETYFOUR



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