Colour & Copenhagen

IMG_4735-1I spent the last weekend (27th-29th Feb) in Copenhagen. In comparison to London it’s a dream, it was one of those moments where you get to the apartment or hotel you’re staying at and immediately feel at home (even though you’ve never been). Since I was only there for the weekend my days were pretty packed and although I had my camera on me all day, every day, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve hoped.

However, what I did have was a fresh new lens to play with. It was my birthday weekend so a few days beforehand I bought myself a present in the form of a 24-70mm Lens for my camera. I made this purchase because I am looking to change up and expand my shooting capabilities. I have been doing more and more shots for Nakedfashions ( on her blog and so I have been growing more and more interested in street and fashion photography leading me to this purchase.

The lens has an aperture of f/2.8 which means basically it lets more light in. This was definitely noticeable whilst I was out shooting, even in well lit conditions, the quality and intensity of the image just seemed to be higher and also the colours, more vibrant, though that could’ve just been that I was experiencing Copenhagen for the first time and compared to London, it’s a rainbow.

In terms of my images I have been on a huge black & white craze recently, mentally insisting that every image must be in black & white, thus far, for my architectural and industrial shots, it’s worked really well. However, I found in Copenhagen, the perfect excuse to introduce a little more colour to my collection. IMG_4735-1-2To start with I exported two versions of each image, one in colour, the other black & white. I would then compare the two and make a decision on which to upload. However, I was finding with a lot of my images, each version holds a lot of different qualities. As I mentioned in previous posts, black & white imagery holds a certain amount of seriousness and also grit in the image, I tend to push the darker aspect of the image when moving it into black & white. Colour on the other hand holds a much more expressive capability as many of the colour images spoke differently to me.

IMG_4217-1IMG_4217-1-2IMG_4511-1IMG_4511-1-2Perspective was everything in Copenhagen. Danish design took away a lot of the challenge for finding something cool to shoot as I was constantly photographing everything. To resolve this I chose to chose my shots carefully, looking for symmetry and views one might not normally take from Copenhagen. I like to think I got a few.IMG_4227-1IMG_4227-1-2IMG_4215-1IMG_4215-1-2IMG_4223-1IMG_4223-1-2IMG_4293-1IMG_4293-1-2IMG_4280-1IMG_4280-1-2IMG_4231-1 2IMG_4231-1IMG_4290-1IMG_4290-1-2IMG_4296-1IMG_4296-1-2Looking over these pairs of images I can immediately notice that the colour versions are a whole lot warmer and therefore bring a more romanticised tone to the image, black & white on the other hand have an empty lonely feel to them, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of people in my shots.

Obviously I had some images that I chose to stick to black & white with.

IMG_4265-1-2IMG_4581-1-2IMG_4571-1-2Overall I found that my lack of content on this trip was due to me being too busy enjoying myself and becoming yet another year older. I am, however, very pleased with the outcome of my images and when I return I will be sure to take many many more.

  1. It’s great to have the photos side by side to compare and actually see the difference between colour and b&w. I think the colour photos have a warmth to them that makes Copenhagen feel welcoming, whereas the b&w shots give the impression of deep thought and solitude? Either way, great photos!

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