Barbican Conservatory. Derelict & Overgrown.

IMG_2007aThis series of photos were taken in and around the Barbican Conservatory.  I have never been to the conservatory before but whilst in there I was really attracted to the very overgrown feel to it, as if nature had taken over what was once a council flat or industrial site. I got similar vibes to that of Jurassic Park (1993) where all the buildings are covered by the various tropical plants and slowly decaying. I feel that although the colours in these images were absolutely stunning, keeping them in black and white and going along with my current theme I really brought out a sense of abandonment and made these images look a lot more derelict. I think it may be because of the association that black and white photography has with the past and so these images can appear to look a lot older and more factually based.IMG_1993aIMG_2057aIMG_2042aWhen it comes to photographing plants and natural states I really enjoy close up photography as it brings out real definition and focus to one point ands works really effectively especially with flowers or vines etc. I also really loved the textures of the buildings within the conservatory as the watermarks and cracks in the concrete really helped the idea of a decaying world.IMG_2049aIMG_2002aIMG_2019aIMG_2039aIMG_2063aIMG_2056a


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