Barbican. Construct.

IMG_1962aI have been working at the Barbican centre over the past week making an audio visual piece collaborating with music students from Guild Hall. It seemed only fair to bring my camera along with me to make the most of being around Central London. The Barbican and Moorgate station  are surrounded by high-rise buildings bringing the perfect opportunity to get some really powerful shots. I feel that sticking to black and white photography can really bring out the depth of an image, particularly when it is an architectural shot such as these.

IMG_1951aIMG_2082aIMG_1984aIMG_2122aIMG_2127aIMG_2067aIMG_2095aIMG_1941aIMG_1988aIMG_1940aIMG_2070aIMG_1969aOver the course of this shoot I really tried to focus on the forms made by the light and shadows. It was a beautifully sunny day so I managed to get some really strong contrasts. I also stuck to looking for natural symmetry in my shots, which was made a lot easier by my surrounding area, the pathways that intertwine the barbican were perfect when looking for symmetry shots. I took tonnes of photos so it was really hard choosing the right ones to upload however I think the range I have selected have great depth and perception.IMG_2148aIMG_2073aIMG_1943aIMG_2146aIMG_2153aIMG_2138a


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