Southbank, Shape & Form

IMG_1700a.jpgHad a recent burst of creativity that has led me to bringing my camera pretty much everywhere with me. The weather, in kind, has also been looking up. These past few days, despite still being a bit chilly have been full of sun. I took this as a sign to get out again and take some more pictures, however found myself at a loss of a particular destination or objective. I took a sporadic walk around Southbank on yesterday afternoon, just kind of wandering aimlessly, looking for got spots to capture a nice picture.IMG_1667aIMG_1622aBecause a lot of my recent posts have been in black and white it was on my mind when I went in search for new material. I was trying to achieve another more architectural or industrial take and also focussed on texture and view. Many of these photos were shot facing directly upwards toward the sky, I really enjoy these types of angles because it’s not an average direction to look and so not many people will notice something like that.IMG_1632aIMG_1670aIMG_1604aIMG_1694aI think the sky also plays a very important role in these images as it grounds us in the familiar whilst those images with just a plain white back seem to just drift into infinity. I chose to purposefully include and exclude the definition of clouds and sky in a lot of these images based on the composition and look I wanted to achieve with each.IMG_1659aIMG_1673aIMG_1702aIMG_1612aIMG_1648aI am pleased with the outcome of this set of images as I feel it has a diverse selection of pictures, each with its own unique style and feel. I will continue to carry my camera round with me incase another opportunity like this arises.IMG_1708a


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