IMG_4735-1I spent the last weekend (27th-29th Feb) in Copenhagen. In comparison to London it’s a dream, it was one of those moments where you get to the apartment or hotel you’re staying at and immediately feel at home (even though you’ve never been). Since I was only there for the weekend my days were pretty packed and although I had my camera on me all day, every day, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve hoped.

However, what I did have was a fresh new lens to play with. It was my birthday weekend so a few days beforehand I bought myself a present in the form of a 24-70mm Lens for my camera. I made this purchase because I am looking to change up and expand my shooting capabilities. I have been doing more and more shots for Nakedfashions ( on her blog and so I have been growing more and more interested in street and fashion photography leading me to this purchase.

The lens has an aperture of f/2.8 which means basically it lets more light in. This was definitely noticeable whilst I was out shooting, even in well lit conditions, the quality and intensity of the image just seemed to be higher and also the colours, more vibrant, though that could’ve just been that I was experiencing Copenhagen for the first time and compared to London, it’s a rainbow.

In terms of my images I have been on a huge black & white craze recently, mentally insisting that every image must be in black & white, thus far, for my architectural and industrial shots, it’s worked really well. However, I found in Copenhagen, the perfect excuse to introduce a little more colour to my collection. IMG_4735-1-2To start with I exported two versions of each image, one in colour, the other black & white. I would then compare the two and make a decision on which to upload. However, I was finding with a lot of my images, each version holds a lot of different qualities. As I mentioned in previous posts, black & white imagery holds a certain amount of seriousness and also grit in the image, I tend to push the darker aspect of the image when moving it into black & white. Colour on the other hand holds a much more expressive capability as many of the colour images spoke differently to me.

IMG_4217-1IMG_4217-1-2IMG_4511-1IMG_4511-1-2Perspective was everything in Copenhagen. Danish design took away a lot of the challenge for finding something cool to shoot as I was constantly photographing everything. To resolve this I chose to chose my shots carefully, looking for symmetry and views one might not normally take from Copenhagen. I like to think I got a few.IMG_4227-1IMG_4227-1-2IMG_4215-1IMG_4215-1-2IMG_4223-1IMG_4223-1-2IMG_4293-1IMG_4293-1-2IMG_4280-1IMG_4280-1-2IMG_4231-1 2IMG_4231-1IMG_4290-1IMG_4290-1-2IMG_4296-1IMG_4296-1-2Looking over these pairs of images I can immediately notice that the colour versions are a whole lot warmer and therefore bring a more romanticised tone to the image, black & white on the other hand have an empty lonely feel to them, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the lack of people in my shots.

Obviously I had some images that I chose to stick to black & white with.

IMG_4265-1-2IMG_4581-1-2IMG_4571-1-2Overall I found that my lack of content on this trip was due to me being too busy enjoying myself and becoming yet another year older. I am, however, very pleased with the outcome of my images and when I return I will be sure to take many many more.


IMG_2007aThis series of photos were taken in and around the Barbican Conservatory.  I have never been to the conservatory before but whilst in there I was really attracted to the very overgrown feel to it, as if nature had taken over what was once a council flat or industrial site. I got similar vibes to that of Jurassic Park (1993) where all the buildings are covered by the various tropical plants and slowly decaying. I feel that although the colours in these images were absolutely stunning, keeping them in black and white and going along with my current theme I really brought out a sense of abandonment and made these images look a lot more derelict. I think it may be because of the association that black and white photography has with the past and so these images can appear to look a lot older and more factually based.IMG_1993aIMG_2057aIMG_2042aWhen it comes to photographing plants and natural states I really enjoy close up photography as it brings out real definition and focus to one point ands works really effectively especially with flowers or vines etc. I also really loved the textures of the buildings within the conservatory as the watermarks and cracks in the concrete really helped the idea of a decaying world.IMG_2049aIMG_2002aIMG_2019aIMG_2039aIMG_2063aIMG_2056a

IMG_1962aI have been working at the Barbican centre over the past week making an audio visual piece collaborating with music students from Guild Hall. It seemed only fair to bring my camera along with me to make the most of being around Central London. The Barbican and Moorgate station  are surrounded by high-rise buildings bringing the perfect opportunity to get some really powerful shots. I feel that sticking to black and white photography can really bring out the depth of an image, particularly when it is an architectural shot such as these.

IMG_1951aIMG_2082aIMG_1984aIMG_2122aIMG_2127aIMG_2067aIMG_2095aIMG_1941aIMG_1988aIMG_1940aIMG_2070aIMG_1969aOver the course of this shoot I really tried to focus on the forms made by the light and shadows. It was a beautifully sunny day so I managed to get some really strong contrasts. I also stuck to looking for natural symmetry in my shots, which was made a lot easier by my surrounding area, the pathways that intertwine the barbican were perfect when looking for symmetry shots. I took tonnes of photos so it was really hard choosing the right ones to upload however I think the range I have selected have great depth and perception.IMG_2148aIMG_2073aIMG_1943aIMG_2146aIMG_2153aIMG_2138a

IMG_1700a.jpgHad a recent burst of creativity that has led me to bringing my camera pretty much everywhere with me. The weather, in kind, has also been looking up. These past few days, despite still being a bit chilly have been full of sun. I took this as a sign to get out again and take some more pictures, however found myself at a loss of a particular destination or objective. I took a sporadic walk around Southbank on yesterday afternoon, just kind of wandering aimlessly, looking for got spots to capture a nice picture.IMG_1667aIMG_1622aBecause a lot of my recent posts have been in black and white it was on my mind when I went in search for new material. I was trying to achieve another more architectural or industrial take and also focussed on texture and view. Many of these photos were shot facing directly upwards toward the sky, I really enjoy these types of angles because it’s not an average direction to look and so not many people will notice something like that.IMG_1632aIMG_1670aIMG_1604aIMG_1694aI think the sky also plays a very important role in these images as it grounds us in the familiar whilst those images with just a plain white back seem to just drift into infinity. I chose to purposefully include and exclude the definition of clouds and sky in a lot of these images based on the composition and look I wanted to achieve with each.IMG_1659aIMG_1673aIMG_1702aIMG_1612aIMG_1648aI am pleased with the outcome of this set of images as I feel it has a diverse selection of pictures, each with its own unique style and feel. I will continue to carry my camera round with me incase another opportunity like this arises.IMG_1708a

IMG_1541aI have recently been taking several pictures for Her fashion and lifestyle blog inspired me to start experimenting for myself to gain a new perspective on my photography, starting to focus more on subjects or objects and textures. I have still chosen to keep my photos in black and white as I feel this brings a kind of maturity to the images and makes them look more grainy and raw. I will definitely be investigating further into fashion and life styling photography as I feel it will help me broaden my skills and understanding as a whole.IMG_1520aIMG_1540a

IMG_1454 I haven’t done any photography work for almost a year now and so heading back to my hometown seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some work done. Being back, it seemed like a lot had changed, many of the shops along the high street have closed down and been boarded up. I feel this influenced the style of my pictures heavily as I chose a more derelict and abandoned theme to work along.

IMG_1496IMG_1397IMG_1448I also really enjoyed working with the strong contrasts between the light and dark areas in my images, I feel this brings a real sense of space and emptiness into the picture.

IMG_1377IMG_1476IMG_1431IMG_1457IMG_1381IMG_1483IMG_1444IMG_1460IMG_1368IMG_1471IMG_1357IMG_1490IMG_1386IMG_1421Through these series of black and white images I have chosen to focus on the more natural composition of the pictures, rather than, like much of my past work, done heavy editing on photoshop to achieve an end result. I feel that the overall turnout of the images as a collection is strong, achieving my goals to produce an empty and lonely feeling about my works.

IMG_0948This selection of images were taken a couple of months ago on an early morning route of London. I started at around 6am on Primrose Hill to try and catch the sunrise, however the sky was not completely ideal as the clouds and morning mist obscured the light making a kind of haze to all the images taken. However on the plus side the images looked really effective with a black and white filter applied because of the grey areas bringing a real sense of depth to the scene.

IMG_0996 IMG_1000I spent this trip looking for opportunities in which to apply my reflection technique and in hindsight it in fact hindered what could have been accomplished that day as I’m certain I missed several opportunities to capture a naturally effective image. However out of the many photos that were taken that day I feel the small selection that I have provided are really effective.

IMG_1037 IMG_1033 IMG_1015In this set of images I tended toward a much more industrial vibe to my photos and a much bigger focus on architecture more than anything else. I feel that I wanted to achieve a very twisted mechanical look to the spaces which I created through editing. I also was really intrigued by the inclusion of the sky into my images, the contrast between the architecture and somewhat infinite blue abyss gave these photos a really fictional feeling whilst somewhat recognisable and familiar.